Our Farm

Our organic farm is located at 1200 meters above sea level above the Zell am See.

The cultivated total area of ??approx. 27 ha is divided into approx. 15 ha of meadows and steep slopes, which are mowed twice, 10 ha are alpine pastures and the rest is groomed.
The Holzeggalm borders directly on the fields and is only grazed by the farm's own animals.

The cows were milked at the Holzegghof for a long time and the milk was delivered to the dairy, until Sepp and Helene decided in 2010 to switch from dairy cows to suckler cows and a playpen operation. The suckler cow husbandry offers the best conditions for a natural and animal-friendly rearing of the young animals. Our cows can spend the summer on our alpine pasture with their calves.

The herd with 11 suckler cows consists of the "Pinzgauer" cattle breed, which is typical of the region. With its reddish-brown to chestnut-colored fur and the breed-typical white markings from the withers across the back and rear of the thighs; belly, underbust, udder and tail are known. In addition, they wear white stripes over the lower leg and upper arm, the so-called "Fatschen".
In January 2016 the Pinzgauer herd became a bit more colorful with the purchase of the first original "Tiroler Grauvieh" cow Lucci. We found this cattle breed from the neighboring state of Tyrol to be particularly popular and have already added three more gray cattle to the stock. Like the Pinzgau cattle, this breed is also threatened with extinction and is therefore particularly promoted for conservation. The "Tiroler Grauvieh" has silver to iron-gray fur, a dark snout that is lined with light and black claws.

In addition to small animals such as chickens and cats, the two ponies "Jeanny" and "Rocko" also belong to our livestock.

From June to October the animals are on the Holzeggalm and enjoy the juicy grass and herbs.


In summer, the fields are mown twice to allow hay and silage (wet feed) to care for the animals in winter.

Our guests are welcome to experience and participate in the work process on the farm.